Thursday, July 25, 2013

Go and make disciples of all nations

This morning, Archbishop Mark Coleridge  from Brisbane, Australia gave a catechetical session on the theme of WYD 2013 - Go and make disciples of all nations. 

He explained that we as Catholics are called to be disciples, but unfortunately, most Catholics are not disciples, they're baptized pagans. People who choose to follow Jesus are called disciples. 

For a Jew to choose a rabbi, in the Old Testament, it means that he is the person's teacher and master, and there is a total surrender of the disciple to the rabbi! This is hard for us to understand in today's culture to surrender ourselves totally - mind, body and soul, but this is what we are called to do as disciples.

The master has to ask questions to his disciples and they have to ask him questions. It's very interactive. 

The rabbi had a community of disciples and we are also called to be in a community of discipleship. Our presence here at WYD is our engagement to be disciples, and it's a commitment for life!

The difference is that, in the first instance,  we don't choose Jesus as our master and teacher - he chooses us.

We are called to draw all people and nations to Jesus, not for ourselves, but for Jesus.

Christianity is not about moralism, it's not just about imitating Jesus. We're talking about Jesus who was crucified and was risen - he's not just a role model - his presence and power transform our whole  life. That's what he's here to do and wants to do. 

Christianity is not, in any conventional sense, a religion. It's an encounter. When you meet Jesus, you see the truth of who you are and you see the truth of who God is! The Gospel is an experience of amazement! This experience is the heart of Christian discipleship. 

If you commit your life to Jesus, you don't lose anything, but rather gain everything. 

Take the risk, say yes to Him, and you will be rewarded in ways beyond understanding.

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