Thursday, August 1, 2013

After 24 hours of travelling by plane and by bus, we finally made it back home this morning!

We left our hotel at 10 am Rio time yesterday, and we arrived at the Ottawa international airport at 9 am this morning. We flew from Rio to Sao Paulo and took a one-hour shuttle bus from the domestic airport to the international one! We were delighted to see Marc Cardinal Ouellet waiting for our same flight from Sao Paulo to Toronto - our overnight flight. We had to go through security three times: in Rio, in Sao Paulo, and in Toronto, because of immigration. Most of us came home with a cold, and some of us still have indigestion, and we are all tired from the lack of sleep, but we made it back home safely without any delays! My umbrella that I got in Rio didn't make it back safely though. I couldn't bring it on the plane, so the airport staff taped it to my luggage and put it in a plastic bag and wrapped more tape, but the umbrella still came back bent in a few places, so I had to throw it out.

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